Why Choose KTE?

A Message From Our Executive Director

I wanted to personally tell you welcome to the Kentuckiana Trade Exchange! Our staff understand the pressures your business is facing during COVID-19 and are all working cooperatively to help sustain and grow our local Kentuckiana businesses through the use of barter. 

I encourage you to apply for membership with our Exchange and to trade and trade often. We're there for you at any time just a phone call, e-mail or click away!


We're Louisville's Only Local Barter Exchange

We're Local

Put simply: any barter exchange that isn't local isn't Louisville. Our team lives here. Facilitates your trade here. Networks your business in our member network here. And we'll drop by if you have questions.

We Save Your Cash.

We're A Non-Profit

Our purpose in life is to build your business through barter and because we're non-profit we only charge brokerage fees that are up-front and reasonable. And they're way less that any of those national groups.

We give back to Louisville's community by enabling our members to donate to local non-profits in barter too.

5806 Crockett Dr. Louisville, KY 40258

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