How To Sell On the Kentuckiana Trade Exchange

Selling on the Kentuckiana Trade Exchange is very simple. Once you're approved for an account, login and upload the products and services you'd like to make available by barter. Your Barter Coach will work with you hand-in-hand to craft a profile that is useful, informative and details exactly what you're promoting and offering in our Exchange.
How can I get more barter business?
It's easy to get more business from our barter network. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Get to know your Barter Coach! Our Barter Coaches are there specifically to help you succeed in our Exchange. They specifically promote your products and services to other members. Teach them about your business and why you are GREAT at what you do! They are your FREE sales people. Ask them to promote your business to the other members! The more they know about you and your company, the better they will be able to promote your products and services to the other members. network!

KTE Marketplace. Make sure that all of the products and services offered by your business are posted on our KTE Marketplace. It's absolutely free to list your products and services.

Social Media Links. Make sure that the KTE Marketplace has your business website for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts posted in your company description. This allows interested members to directly visit your social media channels.

Member Mailers. Advertise your products and services on the three weekly broadcast emails that are sent to all members. The cost is free. All advertised offers must be 100% barter. KTE sends out three broadcast emails each week and limits it to 10 client advertisements per email. New members, one-time offers, and KTE members that have not been advertised in over 90 days always take precedence over existing members that have already been advertised.   We also send out two broadcast emails each week to promote specific themes.  The themes for these emails are designed one full year in advance. For example, all KTE florists are advertised on our Valentine’s Day e-mail that is sent out in the first week of February.

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