Barter Buying Is Simple With KTE

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Use our apps, website and word-of-mouth to find the product or service you need. If you find it in our network of member businesses GREAT! Simply contact the business and let them know you're using your KTE barter card to pay. Not finding what you need in our member network? Contact your broker or the office with your need and we'll immediately get to work adding a business that has that product or service to our network.
Important Things To Remember
It is the members’s responsibility to contact the seller.

Members must identify themselves as KTE members when they call or they may be considered a cash customer. The member should only speak with the contact person listed in the seller members company profile and/or the contact name given to them by their barter coach.

If you are having work done by a service-based business you are encouraged to get written estimates before the work begins if the trade involves special orders, construction jobs, service work, or long-term leases, and/or other work-in-progress bartering.

The member buyer presents his or her KTE card to the member seller at the time of purchase. However, if the member is paying with a gift card it is not necessary to present a KTE card. The gift card should already be branded with our logo.

Our member sellers are required to provide their goods and services at their prevailing retail prices for 100% trade to members in good standing.

All taxes and tips are to be paid in cash by the buyer to the seller.

The buyer's account will be debited for the amount of the purchase immediately. Our system will automatically decline the transaction if the buyer does not have a sufficient barter dollar balance, if the buyer’s account is past due on cash fees owed, and/or if either party is not a client in good standing.
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