Barter Is Simple! Trade what you have for what you need.

The Kentuckiana Trade Exchange enables your business to trade what you have with a whole network of businesses across Kentuckiana. We issue trade credits (KTE$) for these purchases which you can then spend for what you or your business needs in our network. We're the local third-party record-keeper of those purchases. We enable that trading activity with our mobile apps, website and even via simple text messages.

Barter is use by everyone, from the plumber down the street to large multi-national companies, to find new customers, have better buying power and increase cash flow.

How Our Process Works

List What You Have

List What You Have

Make your excess products or services available in our network at full retail value to Kentuckiana Trade Exchange's members. Once you join and get approved you're instantly available to our member network.
Earn Trade Credits

Earn Trade Credits

You will earn trade credits instead of U.S. dollars. They are deposited into your trade account and can be used anywhere in our network.

Spend Earned Credits

Spend Earned Credits

Use your trade credits on what you want or need from the members in our network or partner networks.

Ten fantastic membershipbenefits in our network.


Increase Sales and Profit

We connect you with customers you might not find otherwise who want to use barter.

Conserve Cash

Save your cash by trading for your business and personal expenses using barter.

Reduce Your Overhead

Use barter to cover your daily operating expenses such as janitorial services, printing, vehicle maintenance, and accounting.

Increase Market Share

When you accept barter business, you capture a sales from your competitors.

Decrease Excess Stock & Production time

Turn your extra inventory or idle production time into immediate profit in our network.

Easy Collections

Barter transactions have no receivables and payment is immediate.

Increase Your Exposure

The more you barter, the more clients you reach and referrals increase. Expand your advertising and marketing budget by paying with barter.

Reduce Borrowing Costs

KTE extends credit lines on future barter sales. Avoid interest on working capital by utilizing barter for your needs.

Give Employees Benefits

Build employee loyalty and productivity by offering benefits on barter like dental services and vehicle repair.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Afford new luxuries like restaurants, vacations, and gifts you might not otherwise pay for with cash.
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