Barter Basics

What is a Barter Exchange?
Put simply, KTE is non-profit trade company that acts as a clearinghouse and third party record keeper of trade transactions among its members, which are businesses that contract with KTE to organize and facilitate barter of their goods and/or services with other business owners.

How KTE Works

How Do We Work?
KTE will refer new customers to your company. The new customers we send will pay for your products and services with barter credits that you can use with any other participating businesses in the barter network. KTE acts as a referral service and manages your barter credits. KTE keeps a record of all sales and purchases for you on a monthly statement viewable 24/7 on our website. It is no more difficult than having a second checking account.

Your KTE Online Account

How do I find my online account?
Your KTE Online Account is available 24/7/365 at the top right hand side of this page and is labeled "KTE Member Login". Your account is completely separate from our main website and utilizes bank-level security to protect your personally identifiable information. Our website and online account server is PCI-compliant and continuously monitored for intrusion and threats by our tech team.
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