Get what youneedwantcravedesirefancy& save cash!

Bartering For Restaurants

  • Get what you need at your wholesale food and beverage cost.
  • Fill empty seats in your restaurant during slower periods with brand new unsolicited customers.
  • Keep your hard-earned cash in the bank. 

Step 1: Spare Capacity!

We know that cash is still king and you can't run your restaurant on barter. At the same time barter, at your full menu price, is better than expiring time and space that has zero value. If you have any capacity whatsoever this is for you!

Step 2: Book A Discovery Call!

Book a quick discovery call where one of our Barter Coaches will chat with you to see if your business is a good fit. Like any community, we want to make sure you align with our core values.


Step 3: Start Trading!

Become a member by opening an account! Our Barter Coaches will market your restaurant to other members and bring you new business right away. Then, they'll help you get the things you need and keep your cash in the bank.
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