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Bartering For Charities

Our non-profit Trade Exchange works with our members to allow charitable giving in barter credits! 

Do you want to reduce administration and overhead costs for your charity? Find new ways to raise funds? Make even more impact? Join our network and ask your existing donor-businesses to send barter credits your way!

Be Fiscally Responsible.

Do you want to able to report to your donors the smallest possible percentage of overhead costs?

Find New Ways To Raise Funds.

Do you turn down gifts in kind because they don't line up with what you need?

Make A Bigger Impact

Do you want to direct more donor dollars to your end cause?

How can businesses bartering with each other help my non-profit?

How can you help fund my charity?

KTE is Louisville and Southern Indiana's largest & fastest growing business barter exchange. We help businesses turn their downtime and idle inventory into giving to charities. Our member businesses can donate their goods and services to you through the network through the use of trade credits.

How do you turn our unwanted and needed gifts-in-kind into other things we need?

We do this by leveraging an elaborate bartering system made up of businesses that use barter credits to buy & sell with one another and in turn give some of their funds to our member non-profits.

Is this free & how do I participate?

It's absolutely free to set up your account and get set  up with a Barter Coach. Then for everything you want to purchase going forward, we cover 90% of your bill.

Imagine what you could do if your overhead was covered by our member businesses!

How do businesses bartering with each other help my non-profit?


Members Sell

We sell extra inventory and available downtime from member businesses to other members who purchase using Barter Credits, not money.

Donate Credits

We encourage KTE members to donate some or all of those barter credits directly to your business. They're immediately available to you.

Spend Credits

Use your newly-donated credits to cover the services and products your non-profit needs. Not seeing what you need? Your Barter Coach will work to add it!
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